Programs for Kids with Disabilities

ODS provides a safe, encouraging environment for kids with special needs to experience high quality sports coaching and the fun of a cooperative team environment. The year-round development program provides soccer, basketball, and bocce classes in an after-school setting at local schools in Montgomery County, MD. During the summer, evening sessions are held at multiple locations.

Programs for Young Adults with Disabilities

ODS launched its first sports development program for young adults with special needs in January 2024 for individuals ages 18-25. We will work to build skills in basketball and soccer while also teaching teamwork, appropriate competition, and how to have fun and find success in sports.

Game Day Competitive Program

Our Game Day program occurs during the three seasons of the academic year and is for our older, more advance players with special needs who are looking for a competitive, real game-like experience. The program has a unified format with team comprised of both players WITH and players WITHOUT disabilities. Fall and spring Game Days are soccer and winter Game Days are basketball.

ODS Changemaker Club

Our monthly Changemaker Club activities foster and affirm the relationships between our players and peer buddies by coming together off of the sports field to enjoy an activity together. Examples of Changemaker Club events include an art class, bowling outing, theatre outing, holiday lights show, etc. As is the case for all programs, Changemaker Club activities are completely free of charge.

Program for Kids from Low Income Homes

ODS brings exceptional sports programming to Sacred Heart School in Mount Pleasant, DC two days per week, serving the entire school population. Sacred Heart is an inner city school without any green space and ODS is thrilled to be able provide this program free of charge and give the kids of Sacred Heart a chance for after school, active healthy enrichment.