ODS Announces 2022 Changemaker Awards

Written by: Sarah Albus Posted on: May 11, 2022 Tagged: Open Door Sports, Special Needs, awards, Community Blog: News

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ODS Announces 2022 Changemaker Awards

We joyously announce the return of our ODS Changemaker Awards after a two year hiatus due to the Covid Pandemic. This award is given in recognition of efforts to create a more inclusive, supportive and friendly community for all people. The following three individuals have given generously of themselves to help build ODS to what it is today and have continuously shared their talents, kindness, and generosity with the ODS community.

This year, the Board of Open Door Sports has awarded the ODS Youth Changemaker Award to an extraordinary teenager, Walter Johnson High School Junior Samantha Cohen and the ODS Changemaker Award goes to two gentleman who have been supporting ODS since our founding in 2017 with sponsorships, event participation and donations - Steve Lagana and John Seguin.In combination, Steve and John’s support has given hundreds of children with disabilities the opportunity to play.

Samantha Cohen

Samantha Cohen (Sammie), a Junior at Walter Johnson High School, started volunteering with ODS as a peer buddy in 2018 at Tilden Middle School and over the past year, has transitioned to the role of an Assistant Coach. Sammie is also the Vice President of the Best Buddies Program at WJ, an officer for Sources of Strength, Co-captain of the Varsity Tennis Team and a Teen Ambassador for the Children’s Inn at NIH.

Steve Lagana

Steve Lagana has been in the mortgage lending business for 32 years and serves as President of First Home Mortgage. Steve lives in Rockville with his two children, Joey and Angie.

John Seguin

John Seguin is President of Bogart & Brownell, a full-service insurance company located in Rockville, MD. John and his wife, Marianne live in Sandy Spring.