ODS Player, Anderson Jones, has Commanders Wish Granted with Dream on 3

Written by: Nanci Sundel Posted on: January 16, 2023 Tagged: Commanders, Dream on 3, Open Door Sports, Special Needs Blog: News

Anderson 093

Anderson Jones, an Open Door Sports player who has Down Syndrome, was granted a dream wish with the Washington Commanders December 31st-January 1st through Dream On 3. From the moment he opened the door on Saturday morning to Fox 5 News, Noelle Colligan from Dream On 3 and the party van which was to chauffeur him and his family around, it was a magical experience.

The non-stop two days included attending the Commanders’ practice, meeting Carson Wentz who presented him with an autographed jersey and other Commanders merchandise, having one of the Redskins Hogs alumni let Anderson try on his 3 Super Bowl rings, and being the first person to meet Major Tuddy, the new team mascot who was unveiled at the game. Anderson and his family were also taken to the Gaylord at the National Harbor where they enjoyed the Ice exhibit, ice bumper cars, and ice slide. In the evening, New Year’s Eve, they were treated to dinner at Rosa Mexicana where they met the chef who prepared special treats for them. Back in the hotel room they received New Year’s Eve party gear and watched Anderson’s segment on Fox 5 and “He was freaking out!” exclaimed his mother, Kirsten Jones.

At the game on Sunday, Anderson got to be in the tunnel fist-bumping the players as they ran out onto the field.He then walked out onto the field with Joe Gibbs to do the coin toss and was featured on the jumbotron. In Anderson’s own words, “The whole experience was completely epic and so exciting! It was unreal I can’t even believe what happened!”

Open Door Sports is thankful for its partnership with Dream on 3 and for making this over-the-top, amazing wish a reality for Anderson. Per Colligan, “Our referral partners are an integral part of our Dream Experience process. Not only do they help us identify kids who are in need of some Dreaming, they help provide detailed information about the Dream Kids, which in turn helps us make their experience as special as possible. We are so grateful to our friends at Open Door Sports for referring Dream Kid Anderson to us. Anderson and his family brought us, and everyone around them, so much joy and inspiration. Making Anderson’s Washington Commanders and Carson Wentz Dream come true was a Dream come true for our team!”